Our values

Our Health & Safety and Environment Culture

EDF Renewables Italia is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities, respecting the land and biodiversity, and respecting the environment, as well as adopting suitable strategies in the area of health and safety, in order to keep the number of death incidents at zero, reducing the number of incidents at work, and protect the physical and psychological health and well-being of its employees and collaborators.

Health and Safety.

EDF Renewables Italia aims to make health and safety issues an absolute priority by adopting a management system (certificate BS OHSAS 18001:2007) and implementing three specific strategies: keeping the number of death incidents at zero, reducing the number of accidents at work, and protecting people’s health.

The main activities of 2017 involved managing suppliers, raising awareness among employees, and involving managers at the frontline, though site visits and meeting with the parties involved.

Politica H&S

Environmental protection.

In terms of the environment, EDF Renewables Italia is aligned with the EDF Renewables Group, applying the environmental policy.

EDF Renewables Italia carries out periodic self-assessments on the application of the environmental policy, incident management, action plans, emergencies management, audits, conformity and liability. Thus, in 2017, environmental issues became an integral part of the selection and evaluation process for suppliers, from awarding contracts to performing on-site checks.

Politica Ambientale

The Cardinal Principles.

In order to support the company’s activity and maintain the highest standards of integrity, the actions of EDG EN Italia’s employees are guided six values. Sharing these values is key to the growth and success of the company.


Considering and acknowledging other individuals, respecting people, and guaranteeing a safe working conditions.
Showing openness and honesty in our actions and relationships.


Keeping our commitments and being responsible for our actions.
Being aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and other people.
Giving the best of ourselves and adopting a positive attitude.


Counting on one another.
Adding value to the local community.


Being ready to change and continually adapt to changes in the market.
Knowing how to take opportunities and making pioneering decisions when faced with an uncertain future.
Valuing our own spirit of initiative and creativity when carrying out our projects.
Innovating to develop the technology of tomorrow and renewing our experience.


Being committed and involved in the development of renewable energies.
Carrying out our activities and projects with enthusiasm, aspiring to excellence.
Making every effort to protect the environment.


Knowing how to work together with a spirit of cooperation and dialogue, valuing partnership relationships.
Sharing our ambitions and our successes.